Xingjie Wei

Dr Xingjie Wei

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Business Analytics,
Centre for Decision Research, Leeds University Business School
University of Leeds

Research Interests: Social computing, business analytics, big data, social data mining

Email: x.wei1 at
Centre of Decision Research
University of Leeds


I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the Centre for Decision Research, Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds. I received the Ph.D degree in Computer Science from University of Warwick and worked as a Research Associate in the Psychometrics Centre, Cambridge Judge Business School at University of Cambridge. Before joining in Leeds, I was a lecturer in University of Bath. I was also a Visiting Researcher in the National Lab of Pattern Recognition (NLPR) at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

I have been working in Computer Science, Psychology and Business School departments doing interdisciplinary research investigating the relationship between human factors and computational techniques, and how humans interact with new data technologies. Specifically, my work focuses on analysing and predicting behavioural and psychological traits (e.g., personality, interests) of human by psychological experiments, big data analytics, and machine learning modelling, which can be applied to improve business practice in management.

I am accepting PhD students and interested in supervising topics related to behavioural finance decision making and consumer satisfaction using big data and data mining models. Students are also welcome to propose their own topics. Please send me an email for further discussion if you are interested in doing a PhD with me.



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Book Chapter

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Since 2018, University of Leeds

2017-2018, University of Bath

2011-2014, University of Warwick



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